Taking Shape 2019

MA Fine Art Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, Lethaby Gallery, London, 2019 Video Installation: Viewing Stations

The video installation at the degree show is an invitation to physically engage in the act of ‘seeing’, to see with me and inside me: the short films are the result of a stream-of-conscience animations right at the end of the MA-course. Work made during the MA-course was used as props for the animations.

The design of the furniture to which the cinema boxes are attached mimics the artist’s studio. (A small wink to the trope of interior design as a manifestation of the self.) This introverted set-up emphasises the most essential of artists’ activities: observing and thinking.

The Pilgramage
Grave Tick Tock
Can I have My body Back Now?
Moon Pilgrim
Music Box

Viewers at the MA Degree Show, Lethaby Gallery 2019

Video still “The Pilgrimage” 2019
Video still “Moon Pilgrim” 2019
Video stills “Can I Have My Body Back Now” 2019
Video still “Grave Tick Tock” 2019

My ventures into the different media have helped me see painting in a fresh light. Yes, it is a silent and still medium. All the action and spectacular cultural cross-connect-firing take place in silence inside the viewer’s mind. One image carries whole narratives with multiple layers of meaning. This is the beauty of painting. I will certainly return to the canvas. Still, the joy of using any media at liberty, something I learned in foundation and then subsequently unlearnt, has been regained, for which I am grateful.